Starfield reveals new locations, drug fish, and a Velociraptor-Wolf

Bethesda has revealed some new details on Starfield, its eagerly anticipated new open-world game that will release before Elder Scrolls VI. Released as part of Gamescom, three videos detail several new Starfield locations – as well as details on some of the game’s organisations, fish-drugs, and a scary-sounding velociraptor-wolf.

The videos narrated by design director Emil Pagliarulo introduce three previously unrevealed locations for Starfield. The first is New Atlantis, the capital city spaceport of the game’s most powerful faction – the United Colonies – and is described as “a true melting pot” of all races and creeds and is “a true reflection of the future of our world”.

The second details the “pleasure city” of Neon, home of the Xenofresh Corporation, which built a nice little fishing platform on a water-world – until it discovered a fish “with psychotropic properties” and discovered selling this drug-fish was more profitable than just fishing. The drug called Aurora is only legal on Neon, so people come from all over the galaxy to experience the delights of the fish.

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