Stardew Valley player introduces gladiatorial combat to the chill farming sim

Stardew Valley is a chill game about farming and learning to grow within your limits. It’s only natural, then, that a modder adds a pinch of chaos every now and then. We once reported on a mod that adds a horde mode with homicidal scarecrows, but the most recent fan-made addition to catch our eye is more about arena-based combat.

XxHarvzBackxX’s Arena Challenges mod introduces a new location where you can go to defeat monsters for rewards – are you not entertained? The challenges range in difficulty but you’ll be rewarded for your time and effort.

The modder explains that you can find the arena by heading to a door in the mines. Once you enter, you’ll be brought to a lobby of sorts. There you’ll see a chap at a desk who will whisk you away to the arena after asking a slew of questions. If you complete the challenge, you’ll get a reward that’s proportional to the difficulty you selected. The modder doesn’t give much away about what prizes are on offer, though they’re “very valuable”.

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