Shark Week is coming to Rust, permanently

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week closes out for US viewers today, but not to worry – there’s plenty more where that came from, at least if you’re a Rust player. The survival game has a slew of new features on the horizon, and among them are a major underwater overhaul that adds sharks, as well as a couple tools for dealing with them.

As yet, there are no images to share of Rust’s sharks, but the intrepid Rust YouTuber Shadowfrax has a video that goes into a bit of detail about what’s on the horizon in the next updates. He speculates that sharks will likely be restricted to specific areas in the ocean, and in any case, a great way to avoid sharks both in Rust and in real life is to simply stay on dry land.

However, if you do find yourself face to snout with a shark, you’ll want to have a nice speargun at your side. These are coming to Rust as well, and as Shadowfrax notes, they fill an important gap in Rust’s arsenal by being fireable underwater. As you’ll recall, this is where the sharks tend to be.

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