Earlier this year it was announced that, after a 23 year absence, GamesMaster will be returning to our screens. The pioneering show was one of the first to bring games and gaming culture to a mainstream TV audience, and featured a winning mix of gaming humour, gaming challenges, and general weirdness. I mean, I think an old man's disembodied head with a monocle is a bit weird.

The series returns November 21 in what Channel 4 insists on calling “a social-first” form, with episodes appearing first on E4's Youtube before airing on the normal E4 channel. The show will be co-produced by Future Publishing’s Barcroft Studios  (disclosure: PC Gamer is owned by Future) and Alaska TV.

GamesMaster is about watching kids play games against each other and having a laugh when it all goes wrong, and it looks like that vibe persists: this all looks like a good laugh and within the spirit of the original. The teaser also gives us our first look at Trevor McDonald as the new GamesMaster: the show's presiding figure, and dispenser of articulate wisdom about video games. McDonald is a well-respect broadcaster in the UK and this is something of a new challenge for him, but he's certainly got the voice for it.

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