Secretlab releases Titan Evo 2022 Monster Hunter Edition gaming chair

With Monster Hunter Rise due for release on PC in 2022, it shouldn’t be too long before we can get back on the hunt. Until then, you might be able to satiate your need to slay mighty beasties for your next fashion look, and prepare for the game’s release, with the new Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Monster Hunter Edition gaming chair.

Adorned with iconography and scales calling back to the series’ iconic flying wyvern, Rathalos, King of the Skies, it is the world’s first Monster Hunter-inspired gaming chair. It also comes with all the premium features you’d expect from a Secretlab seat, including full-metal 4D armrests and a four-way L-Adapt lumbar support system, so it should have your back (pun intended) which could make it one of the best gaming chairs around.

If you’re still not convinced that it provides enough support, you might find the red Rathalos skull emblazoned on the back of the chair to be of some comfort against any monsters looking to catch you off-guard as you loot the spoils of your recent hunt.

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