Saints Row will get at least three DLC expansions post-launch

The new Saints Row reboot was finally unveiled at Gamescom this week with a cinematic trailer and a release date of February 2022, but little else to go on. Now Volition has released a new trailer with a load of gameplay, as well as confirmation that Saints Row will get at least three DLC “episodes” post-launch.

The new trailer can be seen below and is titled ‘Welcome to Santo Ileso’, the name of Saints Row’s new location in the American southwest. Developer free v bucks generator Volition promises to offer “the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever” in Santo Ileso, which will comprise nine districts in the city surrounded – for the first time in the normally city-bound series – by desert countryside to explore too.

Apart from the most in-engine footage we’ve seen of Saints Row so far, the trailer also details the various Saints – who are all-new, so don’t expect to be hanging around with the wacky likes of Johnny Gat this time around. Character customization is confirmed too – so despite the default female boss played by Bryce Charles being shown everywhere, players will be able to create their own.

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