Saints Row is bringing back the fan-favourite Insurance Fraud ragdoll missions

The Saints Row reboot is slowly taking shape as we move towards its release date of February, and now developer Volition has confirmed the return of several fan favourite series staples – including the Let’s Pretend stores and the ragdoll minigame ‘Insurance Fraud’ missions. It also seemingly revealed the Santo Ileso map, too.

The Insurance Fraud missions were introduced all the way back in the first Saints Row in 2006 and were a good indication of the goofy way that the series would slowly progress. If you’ve never played a Saints Row game – basically the idea is to throw the player character at a car, at which point they bounce off and ragdoll and the player has to guide them pinball-like into other vehicles, racking up the score.

These missions are a fun respite from the GTA-ness of the regular gameplay and have been in every game in the series, so it’s great to see them return in the Saints Row reboot – and pretty unchanged, if the new Criminal Ventures trailer below is any indication.

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