Rocksmith+ will teach you guitar, and a PC beta starts today

Remember Rocksmith? Ubisoft’s guitar game showed up in a post-Guitar Hero world to help teach aspiring rock stars how to play the real instrument, and now we’re getting a follow-up in the form of Rocksmith+, which transforms the concept into a subscription service. A closed beta test is set to hit PC today.

Rocksmith+ leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward today thanks to an early email from guitar manufacturer Gibson, which provides some additional details. The game will support acoustic, electric, and bass guitars – Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer models are specifically called out – which you’ll be able to connect to your machine.

The “expansive library” will feature a “vast and ever-growing library of songs”, and you’ll be able to control song speeds to practice whatever part of a given track you need to. The interface is still a somewhat more technical version of the flying fretboard of a Guitar Hero.

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