Rimworld will get a new expansion, major 1.3 update, and beards

Updates to frontier survival game Rimworld have been few and far between since the last big update in August last year, which introduced a touch of intergalactic royalty with the, er, Royalty expansion. Now developer Ludeon is gearing up for another major patch and expansion, this time themed around ideologies.

The 1.3 patch will bring over a year’s worth of improvements to the colony building management game, such as a dedicated ‘pens-and-fences’ system for domesticated animals, a rework of the faction goodwill system, and enemies will now use smarter tactics to breach your colony defences. Colonists even have beards now. The free update isn’t officially out yet, but you can already consult the full changelog here. There is a beta version of the new patch available right now, via the ‘1.3 preview’ Steam beta branch.

The Ideology expansion looks to deepen the role-playing potential for Rimworld by offering dedicated mechanics for wide range of things people do with their games. Ludeon has heard all sorts, from minimalist nomads to cannibals, and now it wants to reward these inspired stories by creating mechanics-backed belief systems.

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