RIG Nacon Pro Compact review – Honey, I shrunk the Xbox controller

The RIG Nacon Pro Compact comes in slightly cheaper than your bog-standard Xbox pad with a $49.99 / £44.99 price tag, but it still manages to feel just as premium as the tried-and-tested-original from Microsoft. In fact, it borrows some of the more celebrated features from the best PC controllers to keep a cut above the rest, but struggles to find its own identity when the PowerA Enhanced offers similar features at a lower $34.99 / £34.99 MSRP.

The company’s previous high-end gamepad ventures are pretty decent, such as the Nacon Revolution Unlimited, which offers a great fit and finish while offering more than a standard controller. While this budget model isn’t as feature-packed, it’s still on par when it comes to build quality.

The RIG Nacon Pro Compact comes in black or white, which isn’t quite the same level of personalisation as a controller made through the Xbox Design Lab, but it’s stylish with a glossy coating on the back and gold accents – which might sound tacky but actually works well here. Placed next to the official Xbox pad, it’s significantly smaller and slimmer, which could make it the perfect option if you find the former slightly too large.

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