Resident Evil 4 remake is possibly being teased for Gamescom

The official Resident Evil Twitter account seems to be teasing the long-rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake. With Gamescom around the corner, starting in just two days’ time on August 24, it’s entirely possible that Capcom may be planning to reveal the RE4 remake at the event.

It’s been all but confirmed that the next Resident Evil remake – after the highly successful Resident Evil 3 from last year – would be Resident Evil 4 rather than the likes of Code Veronica, with the game reportedly down for a release in 2022 if the rumours are correct. Supposedly original director Shinji Mikami has given the project his blessing, despite being unable to contribute because of his ongoing work on the oft-delayed Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The tweet from the official Resident Evil account can be seen below, and simply states “4, itchy, tasty”. It’s a reference to possibly the most famous log entry in any game ever, the Keeper’s Diary in Resident Evil 1 – where the writer slowly succumbs to the T-Virus over a course of several days.

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