Red Dead Redemption 2 modders have restored Armadillo to its former glory (again)

If you’ve played all the way to the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, or you’ve gone and spoiled yourself (spoiler warning, by the way), you’ll know that much of the original Red Dead Redemption map becomes accessible in the epilogue. Yet some of those old locations, like Armadillo, aren’t quite as lively as you might remember. Modders have already been at work to restore Armadillo, and an even bigger project to bring the town back to life is now out there.

The Armadillo Restoration Community Project, as the name implies, is a joint effort to bring back the town by a group of modders. The mod trades out the Armadillo NPCs for Tumbleweed denizens so that nobody’s suffering from cholera anymore. The bank has been restored, indications of sickness have been removed, and damage around the town has been fixed.

A recent update to the mod even adds a working law system back to Armadillo. Future updates intend to “remove all related cholera scenarios and add new ones in order to make the town more alive”, and add a working piano to the saloon and a ticket worker to the train station.

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