Rainbow Six Siege cross-play is currently in testing

It looks like Rainbow Six Siege is finally getting cross-play. Ubisoft has previously indicated that it wants cross-play in all its PvP games, and it seems the Siege developers are getting in on the directive. After hints of the feature appeared recently in the game’s UI, Ubisoft has confirmed that it’s now in testing, and further details are coming next month.

“Cross-play between PC and cloud gaming platforms is currently being tested,” the Siege devs say in a tweet. “Tune in to Ubisoft Forward on Saturday, June 12 for more information on Rainbow Six Siege’s plans for cross-play and cross-progression.” (We have a whole E3 schedule to help you keep these sorts of events straight, incidentally.)

While the testing mentioned here only references PC and cloud platforms like Stadia, new UI bits players have discovered reference PC and console users interacting with each other. Of course, Siege will have to deal with the same problem all competitive FPS games with cross-play have had to reckon with – how do you ensure a level playing field between controllers and mice? Input-based matchmaking has been one solution, but I guess we’ll see what Ubisoft has in mind in just a few weeks.

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