Rainbow Six Extraction operators

Want to know more about the Rainbow Six Extraction operators? Those familiar with Rainbow Six Siege will recognise all of the operators in the latest Extraction trailer, and their gadgets are almost the same ones they use in the competitive shooter, so you should feel right at home if you’re used to Sledge’s hammer or Alibi’s holographic decoys.

That said, there are key differences between the two games. Sure, the gadgets are the same ones found in Siege, but how they interact with the environment and what they do to the enemies that stand between you and safety has changed a little bit. Weapon loadouts are also not exactly the same. So while operators like Ela may only choose from a SMG and a shotgun in Siege, here she also can use Zofia’s LMG. In Extraction, if operators are from the same organisation, they share weapon pools, so FBI operators Pulse and Thermite can use each other’s weapons.

While we wait for news about the Rainbow Six Extraction release date, here is the lowdown on every Rainbow Six Extraction operator, including their stats, gadgets, and even the names of their locked abilities

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