PUBG’s latest Labs mode looks like a mash-up of Mario Kart and Mad Max

The latest PUBG Labs mode is in, and it’ll look familiar if you’re a fan of Mario Kart. It’s just called Racing Mode for now, but it features everything you’d expect – you pick a vehicle, race your buds to the finish, and pick up power-up boosts and ammo to try and throw them off.

Before you start, you’ve got to select your vehicle. You’ve got the motorcycle, buggy, Couple RB, dirt bike, and Mirado. Each of them has its stats, but they’ve each got a unique weapon, too. You won’t be able to attack players or destroy stuff until your ten seconds in, and players who do get taken out will get a five-second grace period to stop them from being eliminated off spawn.

Both race tracks take place on the Miramar map and are one way. You’ll need to make your way through checkpoints to progress through the race, and those checkpoints will be your respawn points, too. Oh, and be careful about going off track as you’ll blow up if you’re gone for too long.

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