PUBG map Taego was initially based on Seoul, but it “turned out much differently”

Earlier this month, PUBG’s new map Taego dropped, giving players the chance to try out the first new 8×8 map since Miramar. Set in South Korea, the map has a real mixture of environments, with towns, compounds, and rural terrain, and it turns out it was initially based on the country’s capital city, though it ended up turning out “much differently” to what the devs expected.

That’s according to PUBG in-game unit lead Taehyun Kim, who we spoke to about the new Taego map. “At first, we designed Taego based on Seoul, the capital city of South Korea,” he tells us. “However, the final product turned out much differently than we expected.

It sounds like this evolution into something pretty different from the devs’ initial intentions happened over the course of playtesting and adjusting it, as Kim explains. “We tested the map every week and gradually tweaked it,” Kim tells us. “Taego is the product of our careful considerations and experiences as world developers and players. To be specific, we first find references for rivers, swamps, and villages and try to implement all of it as accurately as possible.”

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