Phasmophobia devs are teasing new ghosts and fans already have theories

The team behind Phasmophobia, Kinetic Games, is teasing two new ghosts that are coming to harass would-be hunters in the game – and players are already building theories about what these spirits are. Furthermore, it looks like players will need a new type of equipment to deal with them.

Developer Kinetic Games promised “big things ahead” in a tweet a couple of weeks ago for fans of Phasmophobia, but it was light on details – that was literally the entirety of the tweet, those three words. We already know the team is planning a “large overhaul” of the game, along with a re-balance of difficulty, but other than a new evidence type a lot of the upcoming August update in the development Trello is ‘redacted’.

The new tease, as posted on Twitter, shows two new spirit types from the ghost hunter’s diary – with a lot of words blurred out, including the names and a piece of new equipment. However, at least a few letters can generally be made out, and that’s enough to set internet sleuths on the case.

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