Path of Exile’s Scourge expansion sends you to a demonic, alternate Wraeclast

Path of Exile’s upcoming Scourge expansion introduces a new challenge league to the free-to-play RPG game that will have you hunting demons on their home turf – an alternate, evil-infested version of Wraeclast that you’ll visit by spilling the blood of monsters. While the trip will be dangerous, it will also yield up some of Path of Exile’s best rewards yet.

Grinding Gear Games revealed details about the Scourge expansion today in a livestream, which also explained some coming changes to endgame content, a rework to the passive skill tree, brand new skills coming to the game, balance changes, and improvements to guilds.

Scourge will kick off as you’re leaving Lioneye’s Watch, where you’ll encounter an NPC who appears out of thin air, seemingly pursued by unseen tormentors. Grinding Gear Games says she’ll give you something called a Blood Crucible, along with instructions to embed it in your own body – a somewhat odd request from someone you’ve only just met. Nevertheless, the Blood Crucible is your ticket to an alternate dimension that is crawling with demons called the Scourge, and you’ll have to use blood collected from slain enemies in order to pay them a visit.

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