Palworld is like a Pokémon and BotW mash-up with machine guns

Pocketpair, the developer behind multiplayer survival game Craftopia, has unveiled a new title it’s got in the works at this year’s Indie Live Expo show. Called Palworld, it’s described as a “multiplayer, open-world, survival crafting game”, and it looks like it’ll have big appeal to Pokémon, Breath of the Wild, and third-person shooter games alike (yes, really).

Announced with a trailer giving us a good glimpse at what’s to come (included below), Palworld sees you venture out into a very pretty world – artistically somewhat reminiscent of games like BotW or Genshin Impact – to befriend critters called “pals”. Similar to Pokémon, these come in a range of different, fantastical types, from giant flying beasties the player character can ride, to husky-like creatures that can pull carts (or, again, be ridden), to little helmet-wearing, penguin-like buddies, and so on.

Along with help from your pals, you’ll get to construct buildings, get farms running, explore dungeons, breed new pals, and, er, get some production lines making weapons set up, too, according to this gif on the upcoming PC game’s Steam page. And, that’s not all.

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