Recently acquired by Nacon, RIG is delivering a new generation of gaming accessories, including its first controller Nacon RIG gaming peripherals

When it comes to gaming headsets, you’re likely already familiar with the RIG name. RIG has been a market leader in the gaming headset space since 2012. And, though the RIG brand was recently acquired by Nacon, what it stands […]

This week in PC gaming: Burning Crusade returns, Hokko Life does a good Animal Crossing impression World of Warcraft Classic BlizzCon 2021

This week in PC gaming is also available on YouTube.  Welcome to This Week in PC Gaming, a show where we take a look at the new games, updates, events, and more coming at you over the next week, every […]

The cancelled Fallout Van Buren is being remade as a New Vegas mod The I-10 freeway in Revelation Blues, a Fallout: New Vegas mod

Van Buren was the codename for a sequel to Fallout 2 being developed by Black Isle Studios until it was cancelled in 2003. Information about this lost Fallout 3 that could have been has appeared online in the years since, […]

Rumor: The next Sonic game may be open world and include ‘ubisoft towers’ Sonic's feet surrounded by digital effects, from a teaser for a forthcoming Sonic game

Sega's recent Sonic the Hedgehog livestream showcased various projects in the works, like a remaster of Sonic Colors called Sonic Colors: Ultimate that will be coming to PC as an Epic Store exclusive on September 7. The stream ended with […]