One of the biggest Diablo 2 mods just got another huge update

Median XL – Sigma is one of the biggest and most comprehensive mods for the classic RPG game Diablo II, and it’s just gotten a major update that adds a host of new tweaks and content. Median XL – Sigma 2.0 touches just about every aspect of Diablo II, from screen resolution support to monster tuning, and much more.

Many of the big changes in 2.0 have to do with making the journey to Hell difficulty more interesting. Long-time players consider everything leading up to Hell to be ‘tutorial’ territory, and with that in mind the Median XL modders have focused a lot of attention on Nightmare difficulty.

“Two main problems identified were that monsters would be defeated too easily as soon as players knew to craft a key item or two, and that some would have incredibly bursty damage and could rapidly kill unsuspecting characters,” they write in the 2.0.0 changelog on the official site. Expect tougher enemies, with power and abilities tuned to better prepare players for the Diablo II endgame.

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