Nvidia releases the RTX 3080 Ti, leaked benchmarks place it close to the RTX 3090

Nvidia’s Computex presentation isn’t just about unveiling ray tracing and DLSS support for a bunch of games, but announcing its long-rumoured RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti ahead of their respective June 3 and June 10 release. Usually we’d have to wait a bit longer to see what benchmarks these graphics cards pull in, but Videocardz has already picked up on leaks that are circulating on Chinese social media website Bilibili.

The RTX 3080 Ti’s specs sit pretty close to the RTX 3090, with the only glaring difference being 12GB of video memory wrapped in a $1,199 / £1,049 price tag instead of 24GB for $300 more. The size of the card is much more in line with the standard RTX 3080, though, forgoing the 3090’s behemoth cooler so it can fit in the best gaming PCs.

Like its power hungry sibling, the RTX 3080 Ti also requires a 750W+ power supply. It guzzles around 350 watts of power with the same 12-pin connector as the other GPUs in its series, but don’t worry, Nvidia provides an adapter so there are no compatibility issues.

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