Nvidia just put an RTX 3080 in a retro phone box using GeForce Now

Before the dawn of pocket-sized supercomputers, phoneboxes provided a staple service within our cities and towns. Not only did they give Clark Kent somewhere to strip off, but they also ensured a constant line of communication when out and about. While a select few remain in service today, many now live their lives as repurposed miniature coffee shops, libraries, and even defibrillator hubs. Now, it looks like these retro relics are about to take on a new role in the UK as the “world’s smallest gaming arcade”.

Powered by a 5G connection and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, the converted kiosks will use a tablet and a controller to access the service, providing users remote access to their gaming PC libraries. While you’ll need to stand within this tiny street setup, the booth does feature an integrated mini-fridge, meaning you can stay hydrated while playing within this unconventional space.

The green team claims that the cloud gaming booths will help gamers get their “daily gaming fix when they’re not at home”, but also says it’ll help safeguard “work and social life”. Weirdly, this makes playing games sound like a risque act, but Nvidia also has data to back up its objectives.

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