Nidus Prime and half-Sentient Caliban are Warframe’s next ‘frames

This weekend’s TennoCon 2021 brought with it a load of fantastic announcements for Warframe, most notably the full unveiling of The New War expansion coming later this year. Beyond that, the most exciting announcements were the reveal of the next two warframes coming to the online title in 2021: Nidus Prime and Caliban.

If you weren’t aware, developer Digital Extremes started adding Prime variants of classic warframes – which are most powerful versions that usually get released once a year. Nidus Prime will be the next warframe to get added this year, which, as its name suggests, is the tougher variant of the parasitic Nidus. While Nidus Prime doesn’t have a specific release date yet the ‘frame will arrive as part of the next Prime Access later this Summer.

Digital Extremes describes Nidus Prime as “the Orokin’s original vision for the notoriously unkillable Nidus” and will sport “signature Weapons, Customizations, and much more”. That’s pretty much all the developer has revealed about Nidus so far, although as Nidus is the only warframe to innately regenerate health their Prime version should be one tough customer.

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