Next week’s Yu-Gi-Oh Digital Next stream has fans hopeful for a Master Duel game

We’re in an era where just about every TCG you remember from your youth now has a digital equivalent, from Magic: The Gathering with Magic Arena to the Pokémon card game with Pokémon TCG Online. While Yu-Gi-Oh has had plenty of digital adaptations over the years, there hasn’t been a full fat online version of that experience. But the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh Digital Next stream has fans hopeful that that’s about to change.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Digital Next event will broadcast on July 20 on YouTube. An in-game message in Duel Links says that the event will “deliver the latest information on the digital games and Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links to players all over the world!” So expect both news on new features for the current free-to-play game and info on other games.

Duel Links, developed by Konami, has been trucking along on Steam and mobile with a faster-paced take on the Yu-Gi-Oh rules. Late last year, Konami teased that a game based on Master Duel rules – meaning the standard matches of the original game – was in development.

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