New World character transfers are on hold while devs look into gold duping bug

Hot on the heels of an invincibility bug addressed in New World’s latest patch, there’s a new issue causing problems on the new MMORPG’s servers. Since the rollout of the patch, which finally introduced New World’s server transfer functionality, players have discovered a rather generous bug that allows certain characters to duplicate vast sums of gold – but Amazon says players who abuse the exploit may face bans.

A “small number” of players encountered an error called Character_Persist_Failure shortly after transferring a character to a new server once patch 1.0.3 had arrived. Players who experienced this found that if they then sent gold to another character who hadn’t gotten that error, and then logged out, the gold transfer would only be saved for the character on the receiving end of the transaction – the player who’d sent the gold would log back in with the entire amount in their inventory.

Amazon Games says it’s “corrected” the issue with characters being improperly saved, and has warned players that anyone found to have exploited the bug may face a ban, and the money or items obtained using it will be removed from the game. But the issue persisted for long enough that it may be difficult to determine where to draw the line.

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