New Stellaris update will let you play a race of decadent Star Wars clone troopers

Grand strategy game Stellaris is gearing up for another free update next month, which will include new content for past Stellaris DLC in addition to the usual round of fixes and improvements. Last week we saw some new content coming to the Plantoids Species pack, and this week’s dev diary explores new content for the Humanoids Species pack.

The new content will span two new civic options, and one new origin and the latter will let you play as a cast-off army of clone soldiers. Abandoned by their creators, clone soldiers can’t breed – instead, they can only replenish their numbers via a new building called an ‘ancient clone vat’. As a species, you’ll be quite proficient at waging war, but your leaders will be short lived and you won’t be able to genetically modify your species.

This new origin can combine with either – or both – of the new civics, Masterful Crafters and Pleasure Seekers. The former replaces the artisan job with a new artificer role, which along with creating consumer goods also gives trade value and engineering research. The latter turns your race into a bunch of decadent thrillseekers, and offers a big happiness boost at the expense of increased consumer goods upkeep.

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