Natural Ways To Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Natural approaches to treat bacterial vaginosis might be much more effective than antibiotics. To understand why this is actually the case, you should know somewhat regarding the nature of BV.

Faced with a patient needing a sudden solution to a distressing problem, a health care provider will probably prescribe antibiotics. Now while they have some use (albeit limited) recent reports show that three quarters of females taking them will have a repeat attack in just a few short weeks. This is the reason after taking antibiotics repeatedly, the majority of females know that another option would be needed.

An ecosystem exists within the vagina. Bacterial levels are finely tuned and also to a great extent, it is self-managed with good bacteria keeping levels of bad bacteria in balance. Sometimes, this technique is upset, (high can be many and varied factors behind this) and bad bacteria will grow out of control. This causes the normal symptoms of bacterial vaginosis infection which include inflammation, soreness, a gray or white watery discharge and the conventional foul, fishy smelling odor.

We are very mindful that antibiotics kill off bacteria, and also this is where they can have their use within helping with BV. However, they won’t distinguish between strains of fine and pathoenic agents and kill all of it. This means that as soon as the antibiotic course is completed and bacteria starts to repopulate the vagina, the damaging bacteria because of its demands grows faster than good bacteria this also is the reason why lots of women have repeat attacks.

The only method to make certain that this doesn’t happen would be to depend upon natural approaches to treat bacterial vaginosis. To do this, you’ll want to count on a multifaceted approach which:-

* Restores balance
* Kills off harmful bacteria
* Strengthens and sports ths immune system
* Introduces good bacteria

The following natural cures have been proven to help women with bv:-

* Soak a tampon in probiotic yogurt and leave in place to have an hour or so. This is abundant in good bacteria which enable it to assist in the human body’s own supplies
* Avoid overwashing or using perfumed products because they can strip the vagina of its natural balance
* Try garlic tablets. These are naturally antiseptic and will assist to kill off bacteria
* Tea tree oil can be a powerful antibacterial substance. Add a few drops for your bath to kill bacteria or you might try tea tree oil pessaries
* Use a condom for intercourse as semen is alkaline which enable it to upset the pH amount of the vagina
* Up your intake of fruit and vegetables since this can boost your own immune system

Although BV is just not dangerous in its early stages, prolonged and repeated attacks can occasionally result in pelvic inflammatory disease or even infertility. It therefore is sensible to seek treatment if you’re at risk of recurrent bouts and ultizing natural approaches to treat bacterial vaginosis are incredibly a great venue to decide on.