More images of the DICE shooter have leaked.

The Battlefield 6 leaks continue with more images from the game cropping up overnight.

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It seems the images have come from influencers who are playing a pre-alpha build of the game (thanks, resetera). When the legitimacy of the images was called into question due to being visually subpar, Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson confirmed they were indeed real images (thanks, Blue).

This is just the latest in a series of leaks. There have been screenshots posted, the full reveal trailer was reportedly leaked, and images taken from the trailer also appeared online.

All of the leaks seem to suggest the game will consist of modern combat, with a potential near-future setting. It also appears that there might be a usable robot dog that can be upgraded.

We’re getting our first look at Battlefield 6, or whatever it will be called, next week on June 9.

Keep up with everything we know so far about Battlefield 6 thanks to all of the leaks at the link.

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