Minecraft goats – everything we know

There’s been a lot of talk about the ‘caves’ side of the Minecraft 1.17 update, but not a ton about the ‘cliffs’ and their newest Minecraft mob – goats. We get it. Minecraft Axolotls are the best underwater companions and will be potentially game changing. The Minecraft Warden on the other hand is a new terrifying monster that is completely blind, but packs a punch. But won’t someone think of Minecraft’s goats?

Yes, goats are coming to Minecraft. Finally! There are many types of goats in the real world, from the ibex that can somehow walk on steep inclines, to the rather tragic fainting goat. In Minecraft, the goats are based on the Rocky Mountain goat (or Oreamnos americanus), and are well suited to both alpine and subalpine conditions.

They are also not technically goats. Instead, they are more closely related to antelopes, the square-shaped fakers. This was immensely disappointing to learn about. However, this is the goat that we have and they at least seem to act like the woolly beasts of the mountain tops we know and love.

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