Microsoft Flight Simulator’s next sim update will massively boost performance

Microsoft Flight Simulator has already gotten significant upgrades to several of its major regions, including the US, the UK and Ireland, Japan, and most recently, the Nordics. While those have all been gorgeous, the next big sim update is going to tackle performance – potentially making everything in the simulation game nicer to look at.

In a livestream developer Asobo Studio held today, CEO Sebastian Wloch showed off some side-by-side footage of Sim Update 4 versus the upcoming Sim Update 5. Wloch was running Flight Simulator on his personal desktop PC, with his stats displayed in the video: he’s running an Intel Core i7-9700K with an RTX 2060 Super in the GPU slot. Running at 4K (with a renderscale of 40), Wloch was seeing framerates of just over 30 fps as he flew over Manhattan – one of busiest areas of the game in terms of raw geometry per acre.

Flipping to the same flight pattern in the Sim Update 5 build, his framerate was doubled – maxing out at around 60 fps (probably due to screen refresh rate) and dipping to just over 50 fps in the busiest areas. As Twinfinite notes, both versions shown during the livestream were without the upcoming DirectX 12 implementation enabled.

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