Skateboarding sim Session just added two new maps to stomp around, along with all the tools you'd need to film the perfect video part.

Dropping in last night, update brings a load of new content to the early access skater. The headline addition is two new maps—the first of which adds more iconic New York spots with the storied Black Hubbas and Courthouse Drop, while the second lets you explore new spots under (and above) the Highline Bridge. 

It may be a minute before I can skate New York for real, but Session's faithful recreation of the city's best spots is doing a fine job in the meantime.

new york city courthouse

(Image credit: crea-ture studios)

Existing maps have also been given a bit of love. The game's NYC stage has been further expanded by adding a brand new spot next to James Park, and has made previously-unskateable locations skateable. Philly, meanwhile, gets its own skateshop, and has been improved with optimisations and more skateable areas.

To get the best angle on these new and improved spots, developer crea-ture has also completely revamped the replay editor with a "complete backend overhaul". New camera controls and better editing tools (finally, undo and redo buttons!) should make it easier than ever to post gnarly skate parts to the web.

The update also adds a few more nice touches. A new "Skate Dice" mode lets you randomly generate trick challenges, the sky has been touched up with volumetric clouds, and there are a few new historic challenges and bug fixes to round out the update.

Session has been cruising through early access for some time, and I've had a grand time dropping in over the past year. It's a good time to get into skateboarding games—and thanks to some phenomenal indie shredders, things only look to be getting a whole lot better.

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