Lost Ark’s warrior advanced classes all look very dangerous

If you’re going to have a fantasy MMORPG, you’re going to need some warriors. The trusty sword ‘n board gang likes mixing it up face-to-face with enemies, and Lost Ark’s warriors are no different. A new video from developer Smilegate RPG illustrates the warrior’s advanced class abilities, which focus heavily on smashing things over the head and area of effect attacks.

Similar to warriors we’ve seen in other MMOs, Lost Ark’s warriors favor gigantic pauldrons over high speed, but once they’ve lumbered into an area they tend to be the focus of attention. Once you’ve gained enough experience to take an advanced class, several options are available. The beserker carries a huge two-handed greatsword, which is used to channel energy for devastating attacks.

There’s the Hell Blade, which opens fiery fissures in the ground to damage enemies near the berserker. Whirlwind is similar to Juggernaut’s ‘spin to win’ ability in Dota 2, Tempest Slash channels chaotic energy into several wide slashes as the berserker leaps forward, and Strike Wave sends energy pulses forward in three diverging directions.

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