League of Legends patch 11.16 notes – Sona update, Karma changes, Coven skins

The League of Legends patch cycle continues on. Now that League of Legends patch 11.15 has rolled onto live servers, its follow-up has begun to debut on the MOBA game’s testing grounds for what looks like an extended period of time this round – a three-week dev cycle, rather than the usual fortnight-long turnover we’re used to. So, with a bunch of new content ahead, let’s take a look at what’s coming for League of Legends patch 11.16, shall we?

While the previous two updates were all about the Sentinels, the Ruined King, Viego, and – of course – new champion Akshan, this time it’s all about a new batch of Coven skins. Themed around the alternate universe all about some dark deities’ attempts to return to the world, “challenged only by the light of the eclipse”, the new Coven skins are coming up for lucky champions Ahri, Ashe, Cassiopeia, Evelynn, Malphite, Warwick, and LeBlanc, who gets a Prestige Edition version.

As is usually the case when a patch is fresh to the PBE, there aren’t any balance changes to get a look at just yet, but we’ll very likely see some arrive in the coming days, so do keep checking back on these notes.

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