League of Legends is getting system changes and Challenges for Preseason

It looks like League of Legends’ game systems are getting quite the go-over for this year’s Preseason period – and it’s getting some totally new ones, too. Riot Games has just posted details of its (pretty extensive) plans for League’s 2022 Preseason, which hinge on two key goals: “Improve and build upon existing game systems” and “reward progression in a more meaningful way”, so expect to see some important changes to the ones you know, and some new features such as Challenges when the testing rolls around.

“This year, rather than focusing on re-envisioning one particular area of the game, we are focusing on places in our current systems (both in- and out-of-game) to strengthen and expand on,” the studio explains in its new blog post. It adds that you won’t see a “giant, sweeping overhaul” for this year’s Preseason, but instead there’ll be a strengthening of what it’s already been building on over the past couple of years.

First up, there are changes coming to League’s dragons. Building on previous additions like map terrain transformations, Dragon Souls, and an Elder Dragon buff, Riot’s aiming to “expand the possible unique environments players find themselves in on Summoner’s Rift” by exploring some potential new features for the dragon space.

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