League of Legends fan shares amazing Pool Party Illaoi concept

Plenty of League of Legends’ champions┬áhave been given the summer-ready treatment with Pool Party skins – the MOBA game’s alternate universe that’s all about sunshine, swimsuits, and the occasional semi-seasonal in-game event. One champion – The Kraken Priestess, Illaoi – hasn’t got a Pool Party skin as yet, but one talented fan has created their own concept, and it looks like the real deal.

“I think Illaoi deserves more love so here I am giving her more love and attention that she deserves,” League of Legends fan┬áSignificant-Trust-10 posts on Reddit, with their two-part Pool Party Illaoi concept. As you can see below, the splash art shows the fighter champ emerging from the waves with a giant flamingo rubber ring clutched under her arm, tropical flowers in her abundant hair, and – of course – a giant tentacle poking out of the sea behind her. This one looks a little friendlier than the spooky sea beasties she’s used to summoning on the Rift, though.

While it’s not a setting like those we’ve seen the intimidating champ in before, Illaoi’s instantly recognisable in the splash art, with her outfit following the silhouette she usually sports across her different skins, and she looks just as powerful as ever.

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