League of Legends devs are bringing in tougher penalties for AFKers

The Rainbow Six Siege devs aren’t the only ones with AFKers in their sights at the moment. League of Legends studio Riot Games has posted a dev update running through its approach to the behaviour and plans it’s rustled up to address it going forward – and there are tougher penalties on the way.

The post, noting that AFKing and leaving are “some of the most disruptive behaviours” players face, lays out some coming changes that reflect Riot’s multi-faceted approach to the issue. These are to add new tiers to its penalties so that players who carry on AFKing or leaving “consistently” incur some new punishments, a new penalty type to “shield players from repeat offenders”, and improve the way the system evaluates players’ attempts to change their behaviour for the better.

The new penalty type is called Queue Lockouts, which Riot describes as essentially being “mega-delays” – a step beyond the existing Queue Delays feature. Queue Lockouts will show a pop-up to the player in question explaining their punishment and stopping them from joining MOBA queues for a time, with the duration based on the penalty tier they’re in.

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