Iron Harvest’s new American faction DLC is out now

Dieselpunk RTS game Iron Harvest just got bigger. The Operation Eagle DLC, which adds the new America-style Usonia faction, is available now, adding what appears to be a giant ironclad dirigible – as well as other aircraft – to the battlefield.

The zeppelin in question is capable of belching huge gouts of fire down from on high, but there are smaller flying machines to take to the skies as well. Operation Eagle adds more than 20 new units to Iron Harvest, including new flying units and air defences for all factions already in the game. There are also new multiplayer maps, new skins, and new seasonal challenges on the way.

There’s also a new Usonia single-player campaign, where you’ll meet the three new playable Usonian heroes. The add-on also includes playable allies from the Arabia faction, who you catch a few glimpses of in the launch trailer below. There’s a lot going on, and it’s clear that the addition of air units is going to add a lot of new options and challenges to Iron Harvest.

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