In Far Cry 6 a wheelchair-bound dachshund bites people in the balls

Far Cry 6’s main villain Anton Castillo is giving his son an ill-advised practical demonstration of how grenades work.

It’s a fitting introduction to the dictator of the fictional island of Yara, a state inspired by isolated nations like Cuba. We’ve not heard heard much about Far Cry 6 since its announcement last July, but today’s gameplay reveal sheds new light on the guerilla resistance against Castillo and its importance as a core gameplay theme.

We’ve rebelled against charismatic villains in past Far Cry games, taking down the regime of Pagan Min and the cult of Joseph Seed, but this time around the good guys get a greater share of the limelight. Sure, Giancarlo Esposito is perfectly cast and will do a great job, but Ubisoft also wants to highlight the rebels who player character Dani Rojas – who can be either male or female – supports with some reluctance. The most memorable of the bunch is Juan Cortez, a master of making weapons from everyday objects. He’s basically a surly Tobermory from The Wombles and he’s packing serious heat.

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