HyperX Alloy Origins 60 review – linear switches or bust

The best gaming keyboard might still be full-sized, but 60% models are increasingly popular among gamers because their tiny form factor frees up real estate on your gaming desk. If you don’t mind forgoing clicky or tactile switches, there are few models better than the HyperX Alloy Origins 60, which has much of the same DNA as its beloved bigger brother.

It has a similar robust metal base, bright RGB lighting, ultra-responsive gaming performance, and – for better or for worse, depending on your preference – HyperX’s proprietary mechanical switches. The only thing that really lets this keyboard down is its lack of options, solely shipping with linear red switches and no clicky or tactile alternatives in sight.

As with any 60% keyboard, there’s a learning curve to get used to shortcuts when the physical arrow keys and numpad are missing, but with the included software and some practice, you’ll be up to the same speed as a full-size board in a week or two.

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