Humankind cultures – a quick guide

What is the best culture in Humankind? This is a tricky one to answer: unlike Civilization – where you pick one civ and then are done for the rest of the game – Humankind offers you the chance to pick a new culture every time you progress to a new era.

All cultures in Humankind are geared towards one of the game’s seven affinities – gameplay pillars that define a specific specialisation. Each era offers ten culture options, so there are often more than one pick for a specific affinity. This means that you can identify which culture is better for a particular affinity within an era, but that will only last until you need to switch out for the next one.

Across an entire game of Humankind, there’s reported to be over a million different culture combinations, so you can understand why this isn’t such a simple question to address. Over time we will evolve this guide to look at specific ‘best’ picks for more specific scenarios as we learn more, but for now, here is a quick summary of all of the game’s 60 cultures and their particular affinity.

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