Humankind cities and outposts – how to merge, destroy, and keep them stable

If you’ve got questions about Humankind cities and outposts, we’ll walk you through exactly how they work. One of the first things you’ll do in the new 4X game is place an outpost, as your nomadic tribe puts down roots and begins to develop the infrastructure to support districts and developments. Upon reaching the Ancient era, you can convert your first outpost into a city for free – how you expand after that, however, is up to you.

The Humankind map is divided into territories, and to claim a territory for your people, you must first create an outpost with one of your units – this costs influence. After placing the outpost, it will be constructed over the next few turns – the time it takes to build depends on the strength of the army that placed it, and the industry of its surrounding tiles. It can also be completed instantly for a fee.

To attach outposts to cities, the outpost’s territory must be adjacent to a territory controlled by that city, and you must pay an influence fee determined by how many territories you already have, how far away it is from the nearest city, and whether it’s in an enemy sphere of influence. An outpost can be detached from a city for free, but you must pay to attach it again. Once your outpost reaches one population, you are able to transform it into a city. Here’s everything you need to know about city management in Humankind.

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