How to manage cables – six ways to keep your gaming PC neat and tidy

You’re all done installing the best graphics card and the best gaming CPU you could get your hands on, but your PC still looks like it’ll be ridiculed on Reddit. What gives, you ask? The likelihood is you haven’t spent enough time neatening up the interior, when if you manage cables just right, your rig can stand proudly atop your desk rather than hidden away underneath it.

When the majority of cases out there are designed to show off the innards of your gaming PC, with a shiny tempered glass window, what’s the point of having RGB lighting if you’re not going to do a little caretaking? Really, you’ve no reason not to, unless you’re one of those rogues that takes no pride in a well-kept PC. It’s relatively quick, easier than you think, and there are absolutely no downsides. Not only does it look prettier, but perfect cable management will stop wires impeding the airflow of your fans, granting you lower temperatures and a quieter-running system, which can translate to better performance and give you an advantage when it comes to overclocking your CPU and GPU.

Of course, you could just cheat by packing everything behind the best gaming motherboard and jamming the side panel back on, but there are far more elegant solutions out there. Follow these six steps of cable management and your setup could look like it’s been done by a professional in no time.

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