How to eliminate Fortnite trespassers

Want to know how to eliminate the Fortnite trespassers? The aliens that have invaded Fortnite this season are now trying to abduct Slurpy Swamp. Doctor Sloane, who has secretly been trying to get us to fight against the invasion, has given us more legendary challenges for us to complete.

Other legendary challenges this week include equipping a detector to then disable an alien billboard, collecting resources from Holly Hatchery, placing a bioscanner in an alien biome, and placing spy probes in various places across the map. You’ll get tons of experience for completing these challenges every week, so if you want this season’s battle pass Fortnite skins, this is the fastest to progress quickly.

While we have eliminated Fortnite trespassers before this season, you need to eliminate three of them to complete this challenge. We’ll go over all of the possible places where you can find the Fortnite trespassers, as well as provide tips on how to eliminate them.

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