How to craft items in Fortnite – new crafting recipes for Chapter 2 Season 7

Want to know how to craft items in Fortnite? The big new mechanic for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 was crafting, and we’ll be honest, we didn’t think it would remain a part of the game in Season 7. How to craft items may not be immediately obvious for a lot of people, probably because it isn’t really explained all that well.

How it works is simple: find crafting materials, then navigate the menus to hammer them onto your weapon to create a more powerful gun. It’s easy in theory, but you will also need to know where to find these materials on the map. The interface for making items is also tricky to use while panicking because someone else is shooting you, so make sure you’re somewhere out of the way

Crafting is a lot simpler in Chapter 2 Season 7, mostly because there’s fewer item types you need in order to craft the Fortnite guns. We’ll list every item you can craft using the nuts and bolts you can find lying around the map, and where the best places to find them are.

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