How to build a gaming PC in 2021

Learning how to build a gaming PC isn’t just an immensely satisfying experience, it also means you can tailor your system to your own personal needs. And it’s pretty easy, too. No longer do you have to mess about with jumper switches, northbridges, and clock timings – even SLI is a thing of the past. Nowadays, you just need a bit of guidance, a little patience, and the right components to find out that putting together the best gaming PC is a lot like playing with LEGO.

You could save yourself the hassle and buy a pre-built gaming PC since there’s not a huge premium on a full rig these days and it can even be a cheeky way of avoiding stock issues surrounding the best graphics cards. Much like the best gaming laptop, however, rigid configurations mean you might not get the exact combination of hardware you want.

By learning how to craft your own gaming PC build, you can ensure each component suits your requirements perfectly – whether you just want something to run CS:GO at a high refresh rate, or a rig capable of running the notoriously demanding Cyberpunk 2077.

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