The next season for Hitman 3, Lust, which is part of the Seven Deadly Sins seasonal content, will arrive next week.

Hitman 3 players can participate in Act 4, the Season of Lust starting on July 27.

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With the new season comes The Serpent’s Tongue weapon, a piece of equipment called Serpent’s Bite, a themed escalation contract, and of course a new suit – this time it’s red. You will also be able to experience a new take on the Berlin location.

Alongside the above, the season will also bring about the Dartmoor Garden Show which will be permanent. The mission will be set on the Dartmoor map, which has been changed up and will feature four gardens with a randomized target each time you go into the map.

Dartmoor Garden Show will be released in August.

Act 2, the Season of Sloth ended this week after kicking off on June 15.

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