Here’s what Wyoming’s $16 million rest stop looks like in American Truck Simulator

You all actually read the post I published last month about “Wyoming’s historic weigh stations“, which has given me a great deal of personal vindication over my love of American Truck Simulator. The game’s Wyoming DLC is still, er, trucking toward release, and now the devs at SCS Software have provided a look at another delightfully mundane aspect of the Cowboy State.

Take the Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center, for example. The devs explain that “this particular center tends to serve about two thousand people a day during the height of the tourism season.” Besides the very fancy welcome centers (seriously, the real-life counterpart here cost $16 million to build) the full blog post also runs down some of Wyoming’s rest stations.

“We know that resting is as necessary for a trucker’s story as driving on the road itself, so hopefully these areas will provide the comfort needed to continue your journey, which you will be able to fully experience in the upcoming Wyoming DLC.”

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