Here’s what Total War: Warhammer 3’s Nurgle army could look like

Creative Assembly is rolling out its Total War: Warhammer III updates at pace now. We know what boys Khorne is bringing to the yard, and just last week Tzeentch’s army roster was also revealed. That leaves the two final Chaos factions, Nurgle and Slaanesh, who’ve not really been talked about much since the strategy game was announced back in May.

Rather than wait around for Creative Assembly to spill the beans, however, Warhammer fans have begun speculating about what the Nurlge roster will look like. User Jejinak on the Total War subreddit has put together a poster for a potential Nurgle roster, using either artwork or actual tabletop models to suggest units, heroes, and even who the Nurgle legendary lord will be.

Jejinak previously did a similar speculative roster for Cathay ahead of the official reveal, which was pretty close considering Cathay has had very little official support from Games Workshop before now. In terms of Nurgle units, Jejinak places the most likely options at the top, with the less likely towards the bottom, and also claims that the units above the Nurglings are pretty much guaranteed. Commenters have also pointed out that the Nurglings themselves are also pretty certain.

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