Here’s Dota 2 as a fan-made ’90s anime intro

Sure, Dota 2 now has its own anime show inspired by the MOBA game in Dota: Dragon’s Blood – with another season already on the way – but it’s not the only way to put an anime-style spin on the game. One fan has shared a video they’ve created that imagines some of Dota 2’s best heroes in a “’90s style anime opening” for a short film contest, and it feels pretty darn spot on.

Dota fan Morphling-artist has shared their creation on the game’s subreddit – a one-and-a-half-minute-long animation that really captures the look and feel of a 1990s-style anime show’s opening sequence, which you can check out below. Emphasising that the clip isn’t about the Dragon’s Blood series – though there is some crossover in the heroes featured – the creator explains that they took “heavy inspiration” from the Slayers anime in particular, and composed the music you hear, with themes being “variations on Dota themes”.

Zooming in on a version of Dota’s map, we see the title card punched through as the action kicks off and switches into a montage of our favourite faces from Valve’s MOBA.

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